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PCA (Personal Care Aide)

The ​40hr ​Personal ​Care ​Aide ​program ​meets ​and ​exceeds ​Virginia ​Department ​of ​Social ​Services ​approved ​curriculum ​for ​direct ​patient ​care ​staff ​in ​licensed ​assisted ​living ​facilities. This course assist ​residents ​with ​activities ​of ​daily ​living, ​patient ​transfers, ​nutrition, ​oral ​& ​personal ​hygiene ​with ​hands-on ​training ​in ​our fun interactive course! First Aide/CPR included!

PCA (Personal Care Aide)

This course will be offered the first Monday of every month and will be online via Google Class Room. Students will be required to participate in the course everyday online for a week until completion. Wednesday's will be dedicated to Q&A (Question and Answer) sessions via Google Meet or Zoom to answer any questions associated with the course. Friday/Saturday will consist of clinical activities/testing. Nurse Instructor will ensure students are proficient in understanding and conducting bed transfer, personal care, documentation, maintaining professionalism, human rights and HIPPA violations. Students will receive a certificate after the course and will be assisted with gaining employment by job referral to companies associated with Next Level Health Care Options LLC. Students are required to present them selves in a professional manner. **Your are encouraged to attend our 68 Hour Med Tech Program to further your career.**

The Student Admission Form is Only For PCA And 68 Hour Med Tech Students.

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